It all started when…

The Association was founded in April 1996. In early 1996, residents had become aware through local rumours of a plan to re-develop the only area of open space in the centre of Worcester Park - Stone Place and its coach park. Local people were alarmed at the prospect of losing this space; of ever increasing traffic and of the resulting large supermarket with all its delivery lorries becoming a blight on our area.  The old, crumbling Worcester Park Library was also scheduled for demolition as part of this development. 

A large public meeting attracted over 200 people and from that a committee of interested volunteers emerged willing to form the WPRA.  Sutton Council and the local councillors were wary of our intervention in those early days but in fact we worked successfully together for a reasonable outcome.  The WPRA committee and councillors joined up to celebrate the opening of the new Worcester Park Millennium Library in 1999.

We have been campaigning ever since, listening to the views of local residents on the issues of concern to them and bringing new problems to their attention.   We are realists.  We know that wealthy businesses have the upper hand in all developments but with a diligent local residents association any damage to our area can be identified and kept to a minimum.  We celebrated our 20th birthday party in July 2016 with our members, local councillors and a special exhibition by local historian David Rymill.

there is still much to do - so come and join us and help make it happen.



  • Minimised light and noise pollution for residents around Stone Place from the new supermarket development through achieving planning conditions to be imposed on developer and new store

  • New Millennium Library built, including with PCs for public use and an accessible public meeting room - campaigned with Friends of Worcester Park Library to use the Stone Place Section 106 money to benefit our area 

  • Mitigating damage from The Hamptons development - including sealing of contaminated soil taken from the old sewage works site during construction

  • Air quality monitoring station installed after years of campaigning

  • Restoration of 151 bus after axing, with active backing from the then MP for Sutton & Cheam

  • Rejection of plans for a tower block to replace Victoria House in North Cheam and continuing involvement in the planning process for this site